A longtime education advocate and community leader committed to improving IPS.

Indianapolis Public Schools face a lot of challenges, and no one knows that better than Mary Ann Sullivan – a former IPS parent and longtime education advocate.

Mary Ann Sullivan in the classroom

Meet Mary Ann Sullivan

Mary Ann Sullivan is a long-time community advocate who has been committed to improving IPS. The former Democratic state representative also has children and grandchildren who have attended IPS schools. She has more than 30 years of experience in education policy and advocacy and has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life across the Indianapolis community.
“I love the fact Mary Ann reaches out to parents and cares about what happens at the grassroots. I feel like we’ve seen progress in IPS thanks to her leadership.”
– Jocelyn Allen, IPS parent

Mary Ann served as a Democratic state legislator and gained a reputation for reaching across the aisle to back polices that put kids first.

Mary Ann Sullivan will continue to:

  • Increase teacher pay so IPS can recruit and retain great educators;
  • Ensure children who live in poverty don’t have their future determined by the zip code they live in; and
  • Improve our high schools by offering more career training classes to prepare our young people for real world success.